Who I am

Behind the camera


I'm Charlotte - A portrait photographer with a lot of love for making people feel amazing about themselves.

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I'm a 23-year-old disabled photographer who loves helping people to feel beautiful, handsome and perfect within themselves through photos. 

Photography has been my passion since I was little. I started as a landscape and natural world photographer but over time I gradually fell in love with portraiture and the magic of capturing moments of people's lives. 


I love lifestyle and fashion photography as well as personal portraits and adore shooting on location. (Don't worry, I like to stay prepared for all occasions - hot water bottles, blankets and umbrellas are included, just in case!)


I also love photographing small intimate weddings and couples.

Worked with:

Alex Stoddard

Rosie Hardy

Alex Cameron

Alex Grace Jones

Training in Wedding Photography taken at the Trained Eye.