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A black and white photo of Charlotte walking in a park with a camera.


A photo of Charlotte sitting in a green dress in front of a wall with vining plants.
A photo of Charlotte sitting in their bedroom in a white dress with lots of green plants.

My Why

Get to Know Me

Who I love

my why 

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved love. Whether that was love for other people or the love we find within ourselves for ourselves. 

When I embarked on my professional journey as a photographer, I began in the fashion industry. I found that individuality and diversity were rarely celebrated. 

It is crucial to me that everyone has the chance to feel celebrated and represented. To see themselves in beautiful, authentic photos that can last a lifetime. 

Within my work, it is also important for me to highlight the environment we live in. Love does not just belong to us, but to the world around us too. 

A graduation photo of Charlotte graduating in a pink dress next to their partner.
Two guinea pigs snuggling together.
Two guinea pigs eating dandelion flowers.
A girl with two westies sitting on her lap.

get to know me

I have ME and so a lot of my life revolves around managing my condition. My hobbies are gentle ones that are kind to my body, mind and soul. I love getting stuck into a good book or TV series. I am a beginner knitter and a keen gardener. I also like to spend a lot of time volunteering. 

I am a proud environmentalist and vegan.

I also have a degree in psychology and a masters degree in Psychiatric Research. 

who I love

My four loves are my guinea pigs, Puffle and Raisin, and the family dogs, Bob and Doug. Both guinea pigs are five years old, they have supported me through many transitions in my life. I have missed the dogs every day since moving away from home.


I have a deep love for my partner who has been with me through the best and worst years of my life. And my family, who I would be nowhere without.  

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