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The Experience

My sessions are a little different to how other people shoot. I love for my sessions to not only be a photoshoot but also to be an experience in themselves. From the moment you book with me right through to the session itself, I love getting to know you. My intention is always to capture who you are, not to focus on specific poses or photos you may have seen online. 

Take some time to go through the experience of having a session with me. It's so important that you work with a photographer who feels right to you, as that will influence the photos that you have taken and how you feel about them. 


Authentic Photos

One of the most important features of my work is that I focus on who you really are. I'm not here to photograph you in poses that other photographers might put you in, or that you've found on Pinterest. I am here to tell your story and photograph you in your truth. I love the laughter, the dancing, the tears and the true love. That's what I want to create with you. 


Inclusivity & Accessibility

As a disabled and queer person, it is incredibly important to me that my services as a photographer are inclusive. Photography is for everyone. I always make sure that we are working in a way that is comfortable and accessible to you. When you book with me, you receive a questionnaire which goes through what you might need to make the most of the session. The planning of the session is a purely collaborative process so we are always able to make the session suit you. I am here for every single human who is here to have their story told. 


Comfort, Connection & Trust

I often find myself saying that I'm not just here to be your photographer, I'm here to be your friend too. Sessions with me can be very personal, especially my intentional portrait sessions and it's super important to me that we build up a relationship right from when you book with me to the session itself. I am in this work because I truly care about capturing your story and I don't feel that I'm able to do that justice if you don't feel comfortable with me. As your photographer, I'll be your cheerleader, your emotional support, and your friend and it is only together that we create your photos. 

My Values

01 Celebration - a deep desire to celebrate you as you are, here and now

02 Expression - a safe space for you to be yourself, express yourself and feel yourself

03 Inclusion - you are welcome here. This is a space open to everyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity and disability

04 Love - this is all about you. The love that you are, the love that you experience and the love you have to give

05 Nature - an appreciation for the wider world and the love that is in mother nature. 

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