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Lydia & Dillon




There's just something about sunsets.

Lydia and Dillon are a beautiful couple. With so much love for each other, it felt so important to me to document every moment. The laughs they would have, to the soft ways they held one another. Their matching Doc Martins, the clothes they share and the bond they had were all elements of their relationship that I wanted to keep for them.

Both well travelled, it would be difficult to find anywhere around Bristol as spectacular as the places they've visited around the world, but taking them up Cheddar Gorge for the sunset was perfect (even if it was a tough climb). They talked often of their travels and of their adventures, and sitting above Cheddar, soaking in the sunset, felt like an experience they would have together outside of the photoshoot.

Lydia and Dillon, I hope these photos are documentation of your fun, adventurous, caring and loving relationship together. Happy Anniversary.

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