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Peak District Portrait Photoshoot - Kelsi

I met Kelsi for her shoot in the Peak District on, it seems, the only sunny day the North had had for a little while. It was a joy to get to know Kelsi, her journey into modelling and her current work as a beauty therapist.

Like always, I tried to source a location that was easy for both of us to get to and that felt like it suited Kelsi. In the middle of where both of us are based was Derwent Dam, which is a popular spot in the Peak District for tourists. I was a little concerned about there being lots of people, which there were, but walking around there were plenty of beautiful and open out-of-the-way spots to shoot.

The road leading up to Derwent visitor center is a long road that runs along the Ladybower reservoir. There are places to park along the road up to the visitor center and many places that would be gorgeous to photograph.

I think my favourite location was by the Derwent Dam itself where we took the photos of Kelsi in her dress. The grass was dewy and the sunlight was streaming through the trees giving us a beautiful soft light to work with.

The journey to Derwent Dam from Manchester follows Snake Road (the A57) where you get incredible views of the Peak District and there are plenty of places to stop along the way to walk along the Peaks or to enjoy the waterfalls and forest. Travelling to Derwent for Kelsi's portrait session was my first time driving along Snake Road and it has now become one of my favourite places to find photoshoot locations that are close to Manchester and surrounding areas.

I loved photographing Kelsi at Derwent. As always the Peak District is an incredibly versatile area and it was so beautiful to capture Kelsi in a space that was so beautiful.

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