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Lifestyle Photoshoots in Manchester - The Peak District

Location scouting can be a challenge when you decide you want to go for a photoshoot.

In my work as a photographer, I am drawn to natural areas as locations for my photoshoots. I believe this stems from a history of landscape photography. I love to be in beautiful environments and dramatic backgrounds, and while I am now primarily a portrait photographer, my love for these types of backdrops remains unchanged.

A man sits on the top of a hill with the beginning of Winnats pass in the background.
Winnats Pass

When I first moved to Manchester last year, I was filled with excitement as some of the most dramatic backdrops in the UK, The Peak District, would be on my doorstep! As much as I love street photography, I think that shooting in fields, meadows, on hill tops and by lakes can really add to the magic of the photoshoot (even with the UK weather!).

A lady in a suit rests on a fence post with a reservoir and rolling hills as the backdrop.
Dovestone Cove

As I'd never been up North before, and the Peak District and Greater Manchester is a pretty huge area, I took up a new favourite hobby - Google Maps. Over the past few months, I've spent hours on Google Maps to make sure I find the perfect locations for each shoot I do.

I am quickly becoming well acquainted with what the Peak District has to offer.

The area has a bit of everything, from rolling hill scapes, to lakes and reservoirs, to cottagecore villages.

There is something for every shoot and I absolutely adore how unique and magical each shoot can be!!

Here are some of my favourite locations so far:

  • Castleton

  • Winnats Pass

  • Dovestone Reservoir

  • Snake Pass Summit

If you've ever loved the idea of having a photoshoot outdoors in the natural beauty of the UK , I'd be honoured to work with you!

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