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London Engagement Photoshoot - Hara & Thanos

On a soft Wednesday evening in May, Hara and Thanos laughed, talked and danced.

I met Hara and Thanos at the top of Greenwich in London for their (and my) first couples photoshoot. We spent a little time getting to know each other as we all caught our breath before I announced to them that we'd be walking back down. Neither of them bat an eyelid even though Hara was wearing heels.

Hara and Thanos are a truly beautiful couple, with a genuine warmth and friendliness. Their love for each other is so wonderfully spoken through the little jokes they have together, the nose kisses they both bestow upon the other, and the way they connect. It was an honour to witness and document.

As my first couples shoot, I was nervous but upon meeting them, I felt at ease and comforted by their willingness to try new things and be patient with me. I find that I am naturally drawn to the small moments people share. As a photographer I want to catch the big moments and the small ones and I was truly filled with so much joy learning about Hara and Thanos, about who they were as individuals and as a couple and being able to capture that in a format that they can both look back on together.

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