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Liverpool Beach Engagement and Family Photoshoot


Formby Beach is an incredibly beautiful place to have a photoshoot. Pair that with an engagement/family photoshoot; it couldn't be more of a perfect location.

Keisha had initially reached out for an engagement session. She and Jamie became engaged earlier this year and already have everything sorted for their wedding next October (I really admire their ability to plan!). When she asked if their daughter Freya could be involved I was delighted. Freya had been a really important part of their engagement and to have her involved in the engagement photoshoot was incredibly special. I could tell that it meant the world to Keisha and Jamie.

I was extremely nervous before this session. It was my first family photoshoot and while I've come to feel confident with how I work with couples, stepping into a family session felt like a whole new ball game. I came to the session prepared with all sorts of ideas and prompts however, unfortunately, the English weather decided to throw us a curveball and the heavens opened about half an hour into the session.

The great thing about Formby Beach though is that there is a tree line to hide under. Taking shelter from the rain, we continued to take photos under the trees until we were confident that the rain had ended and made our way back onto the beach. Having an engagement photoshoot at the beach certainly opens you up to the weather but it added so much laughter to the session itself and the four of us all came away from the shoot feeling like we'd all had a very unique experience.

I adore shooting at the beach, whether that's for a couples photoshoot, a family photoshoot or even a wedding (which I'd welcome with open arms)! It makes for such a beautiful experience as well as a beautiful backdrop to centre a relationship.

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