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Katrina & Jack




Waiting for me in an old horsebox on a sunny evening just outside Bristol were Katrina and Jack.

The horsebox, as it turned out, was their home and it gave me a truly lovely sense of who Katrina and Jack were.

As we trekked up a hill, I was able to learn about the couple. They were so friendly and had so many good stories that made me laugh often and feel honoured to be spending the evening with them.

As a couple, they are fun and playful, opting more for piggybacks and running down hills than anything more still and posed. They were kind and compassionate, adventurous and creative; full of ideas of photos they could get together. It was amazing to capture them.

It is my aim to allow couples, in my shoots, to be who they are without moulding them to fit into the stereotypical 'couples poses'. I don't ever want my photos to feel like I've intervened, more that I've documented the couple as they are, at that moment. That is where, I think, the magic really lies.

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