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Engagement Photoshoot Outfit and Accessory Tips

what to wear for your engagement photoshoot

Picking what to wear for your photoshoot can feel very stressful. Which top, which shoes, hair up or down? I love to make sure that my clients always feel comfortable during their sessions; part of that is down to what they wear.

In this blog post, I will share some of my favourite tips for outfit success for your couples or engagement photoshoot and how you can look your best without worrying too much!

Dress for the weather and the season

When you live in the UK, you know the weather isn't always going to be on your side. My biggest thing for photoshoots outdoors is coming prepared for the weather and the season. My clients have been caught out a couple of times now when the weather channels promise sun and reality presents us with unexpected rain. Don't get me wrong, I love shooting in rain, the atmosphere it can add to photos and the way it can make for a truly memorable and unique experience is amazing, however, it's not so great when you've only shown up wearing a dress or shorts with a short sleeve t-shit and no coat, especially if it's cold.

I usually bring blankets, extra socks and an extra coat with me just in case you need them but it's good to bring some extra things yourself too.

Tip Number 1: Always come prepared for rain, wind, cold, snow and sun.

Think about the colours you're wearing

Another thing that I find impacts the photos are the colours you're wearing. Bright, strong and bold colours tend to stick out a lot and can take centre stage in your photos. Bright colours can also cast colours onto your skin, like a red top reflecting onto your skin to create a sunburnt look.

I've found that more neutral or earthy-tones work best. That's not to say though that you can't wear your favourite colours, there are earth-tone versions for all colours. Love red? Try rust! Obsessed with green? Try olive. Is yellow your favourite like mine? Try mustard. They tend to be more flattering whilst still allowing you and your partner to remain the most important part of the image.

Tip Number 2: Take note of the colours you're wearing. Will they stick out a lot in the photos?

You don't have to buy new clothes

While some people may see an engagement photoshoot as a way to invest in a new outfit or buy that dress they've had their eye on for a few months, buying new clothes is nowhere near a requirement. I'm big on sustainability and would never advise buying a whole new look just for the session, especially if it's an engagement session and you're in the active wedding planning stage. Weddings and engagements are expensive and there is no reason that you need to spend extra. Couples and engagement photoshoots can be as casual or as fancy as you like and there's no reason why your favourite shirt and pair of jeans wouldn't be perfect!

Tip Number 3: There is no need to splash out on new clothes

Come as yourself

Dress as yourself and what you feel comfortable in. Like I said above, couples and engagement photoshoots can be as casual or dressy as you like. There is no right or wrong and our aim is to capture who you are as authentically as we can. Wear what feels like you, that is the most important. I'd definitely rather you wear what you feel amazing in than feel uncomfy in something you felt you were "supposed to wear".

Tip Number 4: Come dressed as yourself

If you're unsure, bring options with you

One of my favourite things is when people show up with a heap of clothing options. Sometimes it can be really useful to see what the weather is like and what the location looks like on the day. If you're unsure, I always say to bring all of your options with you. Your photographer can help you with what they think will look best (I certainly can!), taking any anxiety about choosing it yourself out of the equation.

Tip Number 5: Bring options with you so we can choose together


When you book with me, I send you a full outfit guide, including the tips above and many more. I love for you to feel prepared and comfortable when you show up to our session together and so am also always on hand to text about outfit ideas too!

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