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Dovestones (Oldham) Couples Photoshoot - Grace & Alex

A session filled with laughter and love...

Dovestone Reservoir is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes and hills. There are plenty of places to explore and much of it is paved making it an accessible space for those who may need wheelchairs, or who like me, need a stable surface to walk on.

Dovestones is not particularly far from Manchester, which is why we chose it to be the location for their couples photoshoot. Grace and Alex are an adventurous couple, they are into their fitness and hiking, and being able to find an environment that felt like somewhere they would normally go to together was so key to me. While we were there, they told me stories of previous adventures to Dovestone Reservoir with friends, and how they often got lost! I promised we would try not to get lost during the session (and thankfully we didn't!).

We were graced with a warm autumn morning, and the sun even appeared a few times! Driving back to Manchester after the session though, the skies grew greyer and greyer until it poured down with rain and continued that way for the rest of the day. Grace and Alex had stayed after I left to do some walking and apparently they saw no rain, perhaps Dovestones is a good place for good weather!

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