My Values

01 Celebration - a deep desire to celebrate you as you are, here and now

02 Expression - a safe space for you to be yourself, express yourself and feel yourself

03 Inclusion - you are welcome here. This is a space open to everyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity and disability

04 Love - this is all about you. The love that you are, the love that you experience and the love you have to give

05 Nature - an appreciation for the wider world and the love that is in mother nature. 

The Experience

My approach to photography is a little non traditional. I'm not about the set poses and smiling for the camera. I don't like to make you feel staged or cheesy or uncomfortable. Instead, I love to focus on the real moments and telling your story. We will have a laugh, maybe even have a dance but most of all we'll have fun. 


A big part of my work is the natural world. Landscapes are where my photography began and I have always felt at home when connected to the earth. I believe that mother nature can bring out the beauty of human connection whilst encouraging people to recognise the magic of the world around us.


I take telling your story incredibly seriously. Photography is an art of storytelling that can stay with you for the rest of your life and even be passed down. It is my wish to create authentic photos full of meaning for you at the same time as giving you a wholesome and dreamy experience. 


I am currently trialling a "Pay As You Can" method. I value inclusivity as a photographer and recognise that the price of photography can be inaccessible to many people. Below are the recommended starting prices for my sessions however I am open to discussing budgets. I can only offer a limited number of sessions below the recommended prices per month and I appreciate honesty if you are able to pay the full price. Paying the full price of the session is what allows me to offer the Pay As You Can service to those who don't deserve to miss out on such an experience. 


I shoot predominantly in the Peak District and up towards the Lake district however if you have somewhere special in mind I would love to hear about it!