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Elopement & Small Wedding Photography

Charlotte Dormoy // Manchester and North West England Wedding Photographer

Are you thinking about an elopement or a beautiful, small & intimate wedding?

Have you got your heart set on a small, intimate wedding or an elopement? Elopements and small, intimate weddings are my favourite kind of weddings because I love being able to focus all of my attention on you

While some people dream of gorgeous, grand weddings, some dream of weddings where they celebrate with only their nearest and dearest, or without anyone at all. Want to get married up a mountain with no one else in sight? Let's do it! Want to get married near a lake with your best friends? Imagine the sunset in its reflection while your guests stand at the water's edge. What about a meadow, surrounded by wild grasses and flowers while the mountains surround you, your grandparents holding each other's hands as you say your vows? I'm 100% here for all of it.

A wedding day is so special, it is filled with so much love and can be really personal and emotional. That's what I'm here for. The big moments, and the little ones. The emotional moments and the ones filled to the brim with laughter. I'm here to tell your story with gentle and beautiful honesty. This is a day to remember forever and it would be my honour to document it. 

This is about capturing the real love

Capturing the magic moments, deep love, and all of the romance

A wedding day is an incredibly special occasion for you and those who love you. Your photography should tell your story and the story of your day. It should capture the most important moments, and the moments you didn't even notice. It should pause every second, and freeze them all so that you're always able to come back to the photos and relive your day over and over again.

Your wedding deserves to be captured with care and with love. I'm not here to ask you to pose in any which way or to focus on the standard wedding photos that everyone else has. Together, we create the art of your story. We capture all of the love. We run in the mountains and dip our feet in the water. It's your truth, your unique story and you that I am here for.


Hi, I'm Char :)

  • I photograph lovers, parents and individuals

  • I have M.E. 

  • I am a parent to two elderly guinea pigs

  • I adore celebrating love with the natural world 

A bit about me...

My style is gentle meets wholesome, meets adventure, meets authenticity, meets the wonderful great outdoors. In my work, I really focus on creating not only beautiful photos but photos that feel like you. Photos that you can look back on and remember exactly who and how you were at the time. After all, photos are physical forms of memory.

A big part of my work is the natural world and I can't think of a better place to celebrate love than with the world around us. I love the big places, where you can roll in the sand, run into the sea, adventure into the tallest of hills and stand on the tops of mountains. 

I am Charlotte Dormoy, a hopeful romantic, a lover of love and a storyteller who provides elopement and intimate wedding photography across North West England and beyond. 

While I am a photographer, the most important thing for me is to tell your story authentically, in all of its elements. Honest, raw and beautiful.